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We support the both public and private sector as well as the general industry. When incidents do occur, we provide effective incident response to minimise harm, help with recovery, and learn lessons for the future. Our goal is to help clients leverage technology and improve their business.

A Partner in Your Success

CyberSecurity Solutions

CyberSecurity Solutions

Prevents, detects and responds to all threats that might affect any of your organization’s assets. You get 360 degrees visibility, insights on the risks exposure and the tools to enhance the security posture. All of these, fully proven!
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Office365 Services & Support

Office365 Services & Support

Migrate your entire business to Microsoft 365 Environment without any disruptions. Our expert 24/7 Support for Office 365 eliminates any downtime and makes it a streamlined and hassle-free process. We provide migration assistance with zero downtime or data loss.
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Managed IT Services & Support

Managed IT Services & Support

AOVD Systems allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to an expert that specializes in handling these responsibilities. We are looking forward to be responsible for the entirety or portions of a business’ IT systems, as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
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Cloud Services & Virtualization

Cloud Services & Virtualization

Various programs help your company run at its best, but concerns over system operations cause unnecessary worry and stress. Being able to take that stress away will add productivity to your company—and Cloud Services will provide just that.
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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your organization cannot afford to neglect backup or disaster recovery. If it takes hours to retrieve lost data after an accidental deletion, your employees or partners will sit idle, unable to complete business-critical processes that rely on your technology. And if it takes days to bring your business back online after a disaster, you stand to permanently lose customers.
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IT Consulting

IT Consulting

If your IT team have ever been in a dead-end solving a problem related to yourIT infrastructure, you want to upgrade or update your data-center or have a new and creative idea of how computers or any digital device can serve a unique role in helping your businessor life in general, feel free to ask us.
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Maintaining 24/7 surveillance, investigation and support is our way for business success.

Lower down IT cost

We understand client problems and cyber security concerns, and distils this knowledge into practical guidance that we make available to improve business and increase revenue

Security awareness

We responds to cyber security incidents to reduce the harm they cause to organisations and the wider sectors and companies, implement patches to increase the entire security over all.


We reduce risks to the securing public and private sector networks by leveraging best cyber security tools on the market.

Monitoring anything to secure everything

Our monitoring solutions are designed in details with the main objective to prevent problems or malfunctions that may affect a service or compromise an entire infrastructure, but not just that: they allow customers to optimize performances and improve users’ engagement.

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A Partner in Your Success
With so many cyber security companies and programs in the marketplace, how do you choose what's right for your business or organization? The best way to determine what is right for you is to meet those who will be in charge of the most important part of your business and investigate their business processes, evaluate critical assets, cyber security history, cyber intelligence experience, credentials, and customer satisfaction ratings.
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Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers
Because of modern cyber-crime climate, there are many cybersecurity companies and systems in the marketplace. So how do you know you’re getting the best of the best and that your data is truly safe? With proof. AOVD SYSTEMS can prove you’re getting the very best, most thorough cyber intelligence services available, many of which are not offered by others
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Data Theft Protection
Cyber security is not to be taken lightly. It is not to be trusted to just anyone, especially if it's all done incognito. Data security is imperative to the future of your business, that's why AOVD SYSTEMS exists – to personally keep your data and business safe from the biggest, continuously-evolving threat to staying in business – data theft.
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Delivering powerful IT solutions to your hands

Make your business excell or your ideas come true
with knowledge, powerfull technology and creative engineering.

AOVD Systems additional services

System Integration

Bring custom IT solution to your business.
Be your boss and have flexible, scalable and reliable infrastructures on your premises.


Remote/VPN Solutions

While a private network has the security advantage of isolating your critical IT services from the Internet, it can be costly to extend to different sites, devices, and users. That’s where we come in. 

Prebuilt Solutions

Prebuilt  solutions
for those not wanting to customize, but rather be fast and effective.



Knowledge Transfers

We provide sharing or disseminating of knowledge and providing inputs to problem solving.



Other services

Other services on demand





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